Research done


Cultivation Practices

7 Intensiewe Snyblomverbouing P Cynaroides Vogts Marie M 1976

8 Intensive Cut Flower Cultivation P Cynaroides Vogts Marie M 1976

9 Intensive Cut Flower Cultivation P Cynaroides Part II Vogts Marie M 1976

9a Intensiewe Snyblomverbouing P Cynaroides Deel II Vogts Marie M 1977

10 The bearded Proteas Vogts M 1977

28a Spesies en Variante van Proteas Meynhardt JT 1976

28b Species and Variants of Protea Vogts M 1980

31a Intensive Cut FlowerCultivation Leucospermum Species Vogts M 1979

39 Verbouingspraktyke Roux Petrus 1982

40 Second Research Liason Meeting SAPPEX & Dept Agric. Brits GJ 1982

44 Third Research Liason Meeting SAPPEX & Dept Agric. Brits GJ 1983

57 Establishment and Care of Protea Plantation unknown 1972

58 Omgewingsfaktore noodsaaklik vir die kweek van proteas Marais PG 1972

59 Environmental Factors Essential to the Cultivation of Proteas unknown 1972

60 Species and Variants of Proteas with High Economic Potential Vogts M 1972


66 Various forms of the different species of Proteaceae7 Intensiewe Snyblomverbouing P Cynaroides Vogts Marie M 1967

108 Where can proteas be cultivated Vogts M 1965

109 How are Protea Plants Cultivated Vogts M 1965

110 The care of the established Protea plant Vogts M 1966


1 Phytophthora in rivers of W-Cape Von Broembsen Sharon 1984

3 Colletrotrichum causing Anthracnose of Protea Compacta Benic L 1983

4 Scab of Lcs Cordifolium and other Proteaceae Benic L 1983

19 Phytophtora Wortel- en Kraagvrot Brits GJ 1978

20 Phytophthora Root & Collar Rot Brits GJ 1978

23 Control of Phytophthora Root & Collar Rot Brits GJ & Von Broemsen S undated

52 Blight of Pincushions caused by Drechslera Dematioidea Von Broembsen 1986

Dried Flowers

42 Guidelines for the Production of Dried Flowers Claassens AS 1980


48 the role of Fire in Fynbos Van Wilgen BW 1984

70 The effect of season of fire on Serotinous Proteaceae Van Wilgen & Viviers undated


33 Galvlieë by sommige Proteas Rust D 1980

34 Skutblaarvlieg by Proteas Rust D 1982

35 ‘n Doeltreffende spuitjie teen Blominsekte by Proteas Rust D 1982

41 Heksebesem by Proteas Rust D 1980

45 Gebruiksaanwysings vir die spuit teen blominsekte Rust D undated

46 Instructions for use of Spray against Insects Rust DJ undated

47 Witches Broom Rust D 1982

62 Witches’ Broom of Proteas Myburgh & Rust 1971

67 Witches-broom in proteas Rust D 1965

68 Pests of proteas Rust DJ 1965

Leaf Blackening

13 Blackening of Protea Leaves De Swart GH 1979

14 Verbruining van Protea-loofblare De Swart GH 1979

15 Effect of light on leaf-blackening of proteas Jacobs G & Minnaar HR 1977

16 Effect of Temperature on the Blackening of Protea Leaves Jacobs G & Minnar HR 1977

36 Verbruining van Protea-loofblare Fereira D 1982


21 Delaying Flowering Time of Lcs Golden Star Jacobs G & Honeyborne GE 1978

55 Report on Flower Induction Lcs Red Sunset Malan G 1985


22 Voedingsbehoeftes van Proteas Claassens AS & Folscher WJ 1978

32 Soil Fertilisation and Fertilisation of Proteas Claasens AS 1981

43 Nutrient Requirements of Proteas Claassens AS & Folscher WJ 1988

Post Harvest

12 Forced air Cooling for California Flower Crops Farnham et al 1977

30 Picking and Handling Meynhardt JT 1974

36 Oes en bemarking van goeie gehalte proteas deel I Fereira DI 1982

38 Oes, hantering, verpakking en vervoer van Proteas Deel III Fereira D 1982


6 Characterisation of Germination Inhibitors in Seed Extracts of Four Species of Proteaceae Van Staden J 1972

17 Entproses vir Proteas unknown undated

29b Propagation of Proteas Meynhardt JT 1976

51 Pathological problems Proteaceae Nurseries Benic LM undated

63 Watermist propagation of cuttings Blommaert & Rousseau  1971


94 Brunia albiflora

Ploughing vs Augmenting natural veld Joubert Esler Privett 2009

Wildflower farming Treurnicht Martina 2010 (available on request)