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The main aim of Cape Flora SA is to ensure the sustainable profitability of the fynbos industry and by becoming a member you will contribute to addressing the following focus areas in a sensible and pro-active manner:

  • Research, technology transfer, plant improvement, and certification
  • Product/Cultivar development
  • Promote trade and market access
  • Market development and consumer education
  • Transformation, education and training, social and economic development in the industry, including land reform
  • Development and distribution of industry information and statistics
  • Effective communication between industry role players and other target groups

We believe that we can only effectively advance towards achieving benefit for all stakeholders if all of us work together towards these common aims. These types of initiatives are only possible if we as an industry make available own funds, and coordinate actions within an effective industry platform such as Cape Flora SA.

As a member you will also receive:

  • Up to date news and information on the industry such as training courses and conferences.
  • A newsletter containing the latest news of the Cape Flora SA.
  • As an exporter you will receive new business contact opportunities gathered at overseas exhibitions, which also benefits the producer.
  • Workshops and field days are organised for members to participate in.
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Application for Registration - Cape Flora

(Packer / Cultivated Producer / Exporter)

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