Growing Fynbos

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Growing Proteas

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South African Protea Producers & Exporters Association (SAPPEX)

  • Factors determining successful establishing of plantations
  • Cutting material
  • What to Plant ?
  • Seed Harvesting
  • Alien plant infestation
  • Financing cut flower growing
  • Markets
  • Marketing
  • Exporting to Europe
  • Exporting to the USA
  • Exporting to the Middle- and Far East
  • Export Regulations
  • The Dried Flower Trade
  • Feasibilty Study/Business Plan
  • SAPPEX, the Industry Association.
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Publications

History and Information on Fynbos

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Proteaceae Floral Crops: Cultivar Development and Underexploited Uses*

Kenneth W. Leonhardt and Richard A. Criley

Reprinted from: Perspectives on new crops and new uses. 1999.
J. Janick (ed.), ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA.