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How to go about registering a new variety:


  • Option A: I want to register a name for my variety so that someone else cannot use the name.
    Then follow this process to register at the International Protea Register:

Fill in the following forms:

  1. The application for registration.
  2. The Short Description. (Leucadendron) (Leucospermum) (Protea) (Serruria)
  3. The Technical Questionnaire. (Leucadendron) (Leucospermum) (Protea)

Should you need any assistance, please contact the following persons:

Joseph Boshomane (

Johanna Mokobodi (


  • Option B: I want to register Plant Breeders’ Rights so that I can control who propagates my variety and so that I can collect a royalty.
    Then please contact the person below for assistance:

Elna de Bruyn (

To read more about the ins and outs of Plant Breeders Rights, please click here.

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