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Fynbos Industry|Legislation

If a person wishes to harvest protected fynbos on private land you need a licence and certificate of registration from Cape Nature. If a landowner is not harvesting himself, but allowing someone else to harvest on their property, then that person needs a written lease agreement. Thus both the landowner and the harvester need a licence.

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Lease Agreement to Transfer Picking Rights with regard to Protected Flora on a Property

For that you need the ID’s, copy of the deed and maps of the property. The property will then be visited by a conservationist who will identify the species and complete an inspection report. The information document as well as the application form is completed by the applicant. The audit checklist provides guidelines.

Also any business or person not harvesting, but buying and selling fynbos from a harvester or supplier also needs a licence and certificate of registration for the premises that they are selling from.

The permit application needs to be performed online on the Cape Nature website (

For assistance on this process refer to this document: Cape Nature Sage Permit System 2017

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Wes-Kaapse Natuurbewaringsraad

Inligting dokument: Kweek en Verkoop van Beskermde Flora.

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  • Hoofstuk I Woordbepaling [en Instelling van Departement van Natuur- en Omgewingsbewaring en Advieskomitee] (artikels 2-5).
  • Hoofstuk II Natuurreservate (artikels 6-15).
  • Hoofstuk III Diverse Bewaringsmaatreëls (artikels 16-25).
  • Hoofstuk IV Beskerming van Wilde Diere uitgesonderd Vis (artikels 25A-47).
  • Hoofstuk IVA Beskerming van Renosters (artikel 47A).
  • Hoofstuk V Beskerming van Vis in Binnelandse Waters (artikels 48-61A).
  • Hoofstuk VI Beskerming van Flora (artikels 62-72).
  • Hoofstuk VIA Beroepsjagters, Jaguitrusters en Direkteure van Beroepsjagskole (artikels 72A-72H).
  • Hoofstuk VII Algemeen en Aanvullend (artikels 73-90).
  • Bylae 1 Bedreigde Wilde Diere.
  • Bylae 2 Beskermde Wilde Diere.
  • Bylae 3 Bedreigde Flora.
  • Bylae 4 Beskermde Flora.
  • Bylae 5 Skadelike Watergewasse.
  • Bylae 6 Ordonnansies Herroep.
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