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Cape Flora SA Sunbird

A different African country

South Africa is different from other African countries. It has a different history and because of that, it has always had a relatively large upper and middle class capable of buying flowers. Read more…

Cape Flora Floral Purchasing Habits

US: Millennials’ floral purchasing habits

In order to better understand millennials’ preferences for and barriers to purchasing flowers, the American Floral Endowment and the Floral Marketing Research Fund released a study that helps all segments of the industry understand millennials’ purchasing behaviors. An online survey…

Cape Flora Chelsea Flower Show Windows On Diversity

Chelsea Flower Show 2017

SA’s SANBI Garden wins gold and President Award at Chelsea Flower Show The Chelsea Flower Show 2017 kicked off on Sunday and hundreds of celebrities, including the Royal family, were able to enjoy the gardens and displays, of which…

Cape Flora African Protea

Post Harvest Innovation

PHI Innovate 2017 WEB p66-71 PHI Innovate 2017 WEB p60-61 Cape Flora intro PHI Innovate 2017 WEB p62-65 PHI Innovate 2017 WEB p72-75 To read more, go to:

Cape Flora Proteas Bouquet

Flower bouquet exports by country

FROM HORTIBIZ Flower bouquet exports by country Flower bouquet exports by country totalled US$7.9 billion in 2015 down by an average -6.5% for all flower bouquet shippers over the five-year period starting in 2011 when flower bouquets shipments were valued…

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